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Ground Cayenne Pepper 3 oz.

From one of the most pungent of chile peppers, this Ground Cayenne Pepper is derived from the Capiscum Chile. Fantastic in stews, chili, or soups, a bit of Ground Cayenne Pepper can also add a spicy kick to any homemade salsa. Another great use is adding this spice to oils for a rub to apply on your choice of meat.  *I recommend a shaker jar for 1.25 in accessories for this spice.


Ready to use as is, no preparation is necessary. This spice becomes spicier when heated and is advised to add gradually to simmering recipes.  

Ground Cayenne Pepper 3 oz.

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    Consumable products are non-returnable.  All other products are returnable within 30 days of purchase and in it's orginal shape and not used.  We want to make you happy and will do all we can to satisfy you.

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