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Blood Orange Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made with fresh Blood Oranges and early harvest certified organic Tunisian olives, we crush the fresh produce together to make this beautiful agrumato - a combination of whole, fresh citrus fruits crushed with early harvest olives. Our Whole Fruit Blood Orange is exceedingly versatile; use it on fish, in deserts, baking, with seafood, chicken, pork, fruit, salads and so much more. When making Brownies, use this olive oil in replace for the vegetable oil, it is AMAZING!  


Pairs with our Cranberry-Pear Balsamic, Fig Balsamic, Expresso Balsamic, Raspberry Balsamic, Strawberry balsamic and Traditional Balsamic.


Blood Orange Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Storing Oil:

    Proper way to store your oils is in a dark, cool place such as your pantry or cabinet.  Do NOT store them in your refridgerator.  Oil does not like heat or oxygen so do not store them near your stove top or in sunlight and keep them sealed when not in use.  

    Return Policy:

    Refer to Return Policy at bottom of website page.

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