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Ultra Premium EVOO - Arbequina (Mild)

This is a very early harvest Arbequina that has very unique flavor characteristics.  It tastes a bit like a mild Frantoio or Leccino.  It is very fresh and quite pungent with bitterness that creeps up and keeps coming.  The oil has nuttiness or butteriness, but mostly green herbal characteristics.


Pairs with all Balsamic flavors.  This is a very smooth and mild oil that is great with salads, fish, any food that you want a light tasting oil added to.

Ultra Premium EVOO - Arbequina (Mild)

  • Storing Oil: Proper way to store your oils is in a dark, cool place such as your pantry or cabinet. Do NOT store them in your refridgerator. Oil does not like heat or oxygen so do not store them near your stove top or in sunlight and keep them sealed when not in use.

    Return Policy: Please refer to Return Policy at bottom of website.

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