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Grilled Corn on the Cob! It's a grilling kinda weekend


6 pieces corn on the cob (husked) 6 Tbsp. butter softened 1/2 tsp. salt Olive U & More Corn On The Cob Seasoning

INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Preheat grill. 2) Tear off 6 - 12x12 pieces of foil. Place a piece of corn on each piece of foil. Rub 1 Tbsp. of butter all over each piece of corn. 3) Sprinkle 1/8 tsp. salt on each piece of corn. Wrap up in foil tightly.

4) Place each piece of wrapped corn on the cob on grill. Grill for 18 minutes, rotating corn 3 to 4 times during cooking so it doesn't burn.

5) Remove from grill, open and sprinkle Olive U & More - Corn On The Cob Seasoning, then enjoy!

FYI - the recipe is 6 pieces of corn. Some people like to have 2 each, so adjust recipe accordingly. This recipe is so addictive, it's always a great idea to have extra on hand!

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